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B2B Commerce projects are complex, especially for manufacturers that have their own unique industry requirements. Custom development inevitably introduces budget and timeline risks.

With our highly prescriptive program for full-featured Salesforce B2B Lightning Commerce, you can decide faster, launch faster, reduce cost and increase certainty. We call it Shift7 Rocket, and it’s now boarding.

Shift7 Rocket gets B2B companies selling online in just three months, with prescribed features designed by experts who know manufacturers’ needs.

Launch an optimized user experience with key manufacturer- and distributor-specific functionality, using pre-built Salesforce B2B Lightning Commerce components. This includes:

  • Manufacturing Page Templates
  • Manufacturing Page Components
  • Customized Manufacturing Checkout Flow
  • Faster Data Import Accelerators
  • Customized Integration Frameworks
  • Install Accelerator
  • Deployment Accelerator
  • Optimized Testing Framework

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