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Seeking a new level of digital maturity? This is the place to start.

“There’s a huge focus on digital acceleration at SureWerx. It’s a critical pillar to achieving our mission. Simply put, we will always go wherever our customers are.” -Christian Wiltrout


SureWerx, a global manufacturer of safety PPE products as well as tools and equipment, has a mission to meet their customers where they are. That’s why, in the past year, the company has put an emphasis on accelerating their eCommerce channels. 

In an exclusive conversation at PIMpoint Digital 2020, Andrew Walker (CEO of Shift7 Digital) and Christian Wiltrout (Global Chief Operating Officer of SureWerx) walked through the seven steps manufacturing companies should take to get to a new level of digital maturity. 

If you’re feeling the urgency to accelerate your digital channels, we encourage you to watch the full conversation.

And whenever you’re ready to accelerate your digital revenue channels, all of us at Shift7 Digital will be here to help you make the shift the right way.

This webinar was recorded in October 2020 as part of InRiver PIMPoint 2020. Learn More about InRiver: The digital-first PIM solution that’s designed to drive revenue